Quality Policy page

Since it was created in 1999, our company has progressed in an increasingly fierce competitive environment.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2004, and our constant aim has always been to give our customers optimum satisfaction by meeting their requirements, guaranteeing the quality of our tests, and using best professional practices.

In 2011, we took another step forward towards developing a permanent improvement approach in our services by obtaining COFRAC fixed scope accreditation to ISO 17025 standards for our test on knee impacts against dashboards, which we succeeded in extending to another department in 2015 by obtaining accreditation for vibration tests to CEI 61373 standards: 2010 and DO-160 G sections 7 and 8.

By adopting the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard, we are now opening up our quality management system to the process and risk assessment approach. For us, this means identifying the risks, opportunities, and actions to be implemented, and then managing them, thereby improving our performance.

For this reason, I invite all the members of our staff to take part in this approach by continuing to familiarize themselves with quality documents, by applying policies and procedures and by developing their awareness of the importance of risk analysis.

Everyone must commit themselves to continuously improving our management system by mobilizing themselves and taking
responsibility, especially by:

  • Maintaining their efforts to reduce the time schedules required for issuing reports,
  • Remaining vigilant on compliance with our quality objectives,
  • Being reactive in managing non-conformities,
  • Continuing to record our improvements on progress sheets.

Management is fully involved, and, with this commitment, it confirms its will to implement everything that may be required for ensuring the success of  VALUTEC’s Quality Approach and for guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Chief Executive Officer
Monsieur Bertrand Canaple

The C3T certified quality