Quality Policy page

Since the creation of VALUTEC in 1999, our company has been being evolved in an increasingly competitive context.

Certified ISO 9001 since 2004, our constant objective is to satisfy our customers by respecting their requirements while ensuring the quality of our tests and adopting good professional practices.

Since 2011, the year of our first COFRAC accreditation for knee(s) impact tests on dashboard, we have adopted a continuous improvement approach to our services. Last year, we upgraded our scopes to FLEX 2 version for vibration tests of program 38 and to FLEX 1 version for endurance tests by rotative bending according to EN 13260, 13261 and 13262 reference standards.

At the beginning of this year, we obtained the self-certification of ageing tests and subjective listening tests according to the test procedure of the manufacturer Renault PE 32-04-858 /–F for the driver’s seat and the interior cabin equipment.

A request have been made for an extension to be evaluated during our surveillance evaluation, this summer. We would like to integrate dynamic compression testing, impact testing and imposed deceleration testing using internal methods into our COFRAC scope of accreditation.

I therefore invite each staff member to participate in this process by continuing to familiarize themselves with the quality documentation, by applying the policies and procedures and by becoming aware of the risk analysis.

Everyone is involved in the continuous improvement of our management system by mobilizing themselves and taking responsibility for their actions:

  • by maintaining their efforts to reduce the time schedules required for issuing reports,
  • by remaining vigilant on compliance with our quality objectives,
  • by being reactive in managing non-conformities,
  • by continuing to record our improvements on progress sheets.

I undertake to provide the necessary means for the successful completion of these projects, and assure that the management and staff are not subject to any undue commercial, financial or other pressure or influence, internal or external, which might compromise the quality of our work. I am committed to ensuring that our activities are carried out impartially and that the confidentiality of information provided by our clients is guaranteed.

The Management is totally involved and affirms by this commitment its willingness to do everything possible to guarantee the success of VALUTEC’s Quality Approach and ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Chief Executive Officer
Monsieur Bertrand Canaple

The C3T certified quality