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FOCUS on the INRS NS 286


The INRS, the French National Research and Safety Institute for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, has been working to set up a representative test protocol of a frontal impact in order to protect commercial vehicle users.

This work, conducted jointly with builders and interior equipment developers, led to the publication by the INRS of the scientific note NS286.

In practice, for these tests, the facilities to be tested are installed on a frame fixed on a collision cart in the same way that they would be installed in a commercial vehicle. The shelves and drawers of the furniture are weighted, and then the truck is subjected to a deceleration test. At the end of the test, two criteria are checked: the absence of ejection of the weights and the respect of the safe zone of the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Many developers in France and in Europe have already tested their facilities according to the NS286 recommendations and more and more companies with commercial vehicles choose partners whose facilities comply with the requirements of the NS286. Companies such as Order System, Orsymobil (Würth), Ekipage, Optima System or Edsvi have already trusted VALUTEC for their tests according to this protocol. Note that the frame available for developers for these tests on our catapult was designed in partnership between INRS and VALUTEC.

N.B. In France, owners of commercial vehicles have the possibility of receiving financial assistance (issued by the Regional Health Insurance Funds) for the selection of installations conforming to NS286.